Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Long time no see, well it was 2 weeks off school (although I done) so I decided to do an update on muddy

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ok well I need to update once again.
So here are my latest images of Muddy.
he's got alphas, and I think rather well.

Hope y'all enjoy

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ok I made my alphas. Here ya go.
Got the images from http://www.mayang.com/textures/
Check it out it is an awesome site.

Hope ya like em.
Hey hey
Muddy is back with VENGEANCE
well he is back and becoming more muddy as we speak. so Today Graeme and I talked about how to make him look good, so we decided to make his animation minimal. He well first get up (straighten up) then watch as the camera goes around him. He will then after the camera stops grabs mud off himself and throws it at the camera thus starting a transition.
But berfore that we are making him mudding and appealing to the eye - or well.. unappealing like mud...Whatever you know what I mean.
So here he is currently.

Ok well, I hope y'all like em so far. I am going to tweak this a little bit more, but I am going to also start on the alpha maps (Orrie sent me to a great site).
Tata For now

Monday, May 28, 2007

Hello Again
Well not much has changed on my mud monster quite yet. I have recently got a job at Rona due to my whole LACK of money (Needed to pay rent and such) so yeah my life has been very busy, butyet enjoyable, Rona is a good job for a while, it is busy, and pays rather well so no complaints.
But Yeah lately I have bee workin on Stephens Poodle, Princess ( click on his name to check out his blog)
I really wanted to model to look great so I have put quite a bit of time into it. so here are some images of her Currently.

Hope y'all like her

Monday, May 14, 2007

Well Hello again
Muddy is working out quite well he is ...well not quite muddy.
You see i wnated to do a HUGE portion of him last week which I did.
  • Basic Low poly Modeling (adding little twigs coming out of him)
  • Un Wrapping
  • Basic Rig
I did do that last week, and I also started a new job (not industry, just something to make money) and it was great, but also very tiring, so I was unable to finish him

I did Envelope him as well but it turns out, I needed to touch up the rig as well, so it works.

Well Earlier in the week Orrie wrote on the Student Only Digimill Forum that I needed to play with mud to understand it, and I didnt waste anytime, I went out there and took many a pics and it was quite fun, cause mud is fun.
Well here are some of the more recent images (including the mud) and tell me what you think.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

ok Mudmonster has begun

here is my model, i began it today. It is pretty low poly, 640 Triangels.
I am going to take this into either Mudbox or Zbrush to make it all slimy and such.
he is not going to be semetrical at all.
Well here are some images.

I am starting to like him, I mean he isVERY different from what I normally make so it should be good.
Well C & C are welcome

Monday, May 07, 2007

well i finally decided on my newest model. somethings completely out of my style. so here he is
(yes he OMG)
a mud monster!

so here he is
I am of course gonna draw more.
bed for me
Well I went to Edmonton for a week to visit my sister, and it was fun. I didn't take any pics and I don't know why. Yeah we went on the roller coaster OMG i thought i was going to die, I had to peel my hands off a the end. Everything is SOOO expensive and I don't really have any money, just going on the roller coaster cost for me and my sister $20, we were going to go to the pool, but that alone was $20 each, that is not why I didn't go, it was because the pool got shut down because of contamination (higher pee>chlorine ratio) when i was there, so I avoided it. Also when i was there my sister took me to an art store so I bought a new sketchbook, and new marker paper, and as well as a new outlining pen. Well I got this really neat book from chapters it is called Fantasy Cartooning by Ben Caldwell. It is a How to draw book, but I love the style and I think it is awesome!! so some of my sketches are from the book, others are just referencing the style.
so here are some new sketches.

Well I had fun! My sis Stephanie is cute, especially when she plays Crash Bandicoot.
ok well done for now
Animal within has come and gone, and I figured I would post my finished piece of work. I really enjoyed making this peice I know I could have done a few things better but I have to say it is one of my best works in a while.

I did not place but those that Won did a fantastic job. check em out
1st Katie: Caged Bird
2nd Ian: Manimal
3rd Balazs: The Judgement
Great job to all!! I saw some great entries.
I made a tutorial:

Click on image to get Tutorial.
I made it because I have seen some people have trouble with creating a women's upper body and I really find that is truly a beautiful part of a women.
so Check it out....
ok here she is textred enchantress. I tried to make her very dark. She has 3 scratches on her face, across the one eye, and because she was scratched there she is blind in that one eye. the symbols on her dress are evil (made up actully but lets pretend) . Enjoy.
on and BTW the reason she is colorful in wireframe is because that is her normal map.

newer model time! YEA
Enchantress. Well I decided to create a little bit of a less nice model , my models are always like look at me Im so nice and pretty, so i decided to make a character a little more evil a little less cute.
so i made a concept.

I mostly referenced Maleficent off Sleeping beauty, I think she is one of the best villians Disney ever made, she is truly evil, and yet so beautiful.

so this is her SO far. More updates coming.